Breastfeeding Class

Breastfeeding can be a wonderful way for new moms to connect with and nourish their infants. But it isn't always easy. This class includes beginner information for new parents and members of their support teams.  The certified lactation consultant leader will share the benefits of breastfeeding, what to expect during the first feedings, positioning options, helpful equipment, returning to work, overcoming challenges and more. Filled with informational videos and anecdotes, this is a fun and engaging way to learn more about giving your baby the best start. 


Marie Watson, RN, IBCLC
(802) 447-5160

Class Reviews:

"Loved the personal attention! Great class!" — Participant, December 2014

"Marie was very helpful and informative. " — Participant, June 2014

Registration Instructions:

Each person who wants to take the class must register separately. Use the registration link below. If you have any difficulty registering, use the contact form, or call (802) 447-5019.

To get to the class, park in parking area F or H as a labeled on this map. Enter through the Main/Emergency Entrance. Follow the hallway until you find a bank of elevators. Take the elevators to the third floor. Take a right out of the elevator and a left at the end of the hall. The classroom will be straight ahead.